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TTT Overwatch Summer Event

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With summer and Overwatch's anniversary coming up, and we wanted to have an Overwatch Summer themed event for everyone on TTT! We will be adding Overwatch summer models for the event. The server will also be running a x2 credit multiplier throughout the entirety of the event, and during the last week of the event there will be additional credit bonuses.

The player cap will stay at 36 for the entirety of the event.


The models and screenshots will be provided below.



June 14th - July 14th



Trouble in Terrorist Town -




VIP Models: Mercy





Sub model: Widowmaker





Public: McCree and Grillmaster 76


qVyMCdi.png c3qdYdf.png



Admin Model: D.va






Special thanks to @tana for the banner, @Darnias for the models, and @Im Sad, @Ned, and @DancingMoonLight for helping me organize this event!


Limited Time Models

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I'm pretty sure the player cap never got changed after the last event, so that's one less thing to worry about. Glad to see all the attention TTT is getting recently though.

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