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Question of the day 6/19/19

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What was your biggest “face palm” moment?


I was enrolled in a class focusing on giving speeches. I had a brainfart and couldn't think of my next point in my speech so I cursed out loud. I thought I uttered it softly, but everyone within the classroom heard it.


send me question suggestions! :)

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I was backing out of a driveway where I was parked next to a 2017 Jeep Wrangler (aka it costs a shit ton of money) and as I was turning the wheel to turn into the street I didn’t turn the wheel enough so I just hit the right side of the jeeps bumper.


More in depth explanation: it was my first time EVER driving and as I was turning the wheel my mom said “you’re good” and I thought she meant I had turned the wheel enough to just go into the street and go wherever I needed to go, but she meant I was good to actually turn the wheel all the way and accelerate the car into the street. Also, because it was my first time driving I didn’t really react well and didn’t brake so I hit it going about 5-10 mph, it only caused a scratch on his car and completely messed up my sister’s car’s grill. Also another big reason why I facepalmed hard was because the guy I hit was helping me back up into the street. Luckily though, we knew him and he was nice about it and my mom actually took the fault for the hit and said she was driving just so I wouldn’t get my restricted license revoked.

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Sister had friends over and they were playing uno. One of them said wow uno on iPhones is so much better than real life and they all whipped out their phones and played on their phones instead. Actually wanted to die seeing that.

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Not the biggest but the most recent: held my hands out in my sink at home for like 15 seconds waiting for the water to turn on and then realized I needed to actually turn the valve for it to work.


how fucking baked did you have to be bruv

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When I'm high I frequently try and put things back into the fridge that don't belong in the fridge. Idk seems like a good place to keep stuff!

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