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Secret Hitler Event!

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Secret Hitler Event!





How Do I Play?


The group of people playing get one of these three roles: Liberal, Fascist, or Hitler. The Liberals have majority, but they don't know the other player's roles. The Fascists must secretly accomplish their goals without the Liberals finding out. Unlike the Liberals, the Fascists know the roles of all of the other players including other Fascists and Hitler. Hitler plays as a Fascist, but doesn't know the roles of the other Fascists and try to find out who they are. The goal is to figure out who Hitler is.





The games will be played on https://secret.ethanl.ee/ but the actual link will be created on the day of the event.




July 6th, 4pm EST



Thanks to @Clamor for the banner.


While you are here, you might as well join our steam group!


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Heck yeah gamer! If possible, it would be neat to have a CA present to revoke talk power of people when they die. I know this sounds a little petty, but this can often make the difference on rounds, and would make it easier to hear when 8 people are screaming at once.

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Gets promoted today, puts out another event. I’m liking this new events team strayyz.

Seems pretty fun, it’s like TTT i assume?

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