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Test taking strategies?

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I'm curious if anyone is able to give me advice on test-taking? I just passed one of my biggest tests for the year, but I know they will get harder and I need new skills to practice.


Ill take any suggestions! (You can say studying, but how do YOU study?)

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use process of elimination it is good


if u don't know what it is then I'll explain


so the process of elimination or poe is were u eliminate other choices to get our way through the answer


you would eliminate or not choose the answers that make no sense or don't even relate to the question whatsoever, you slowly remove options away until you are left with mainly two options that would mostly make sense.


you read those remaining options and then choose the one that you think fits best


good luck on ur tests and stuff

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eliminate the choices that might look like its wrong and then guess between the one that might look like the correct answer. pretty much "sometimes, maybe, many" or anything that is similar to those are most likely the wrong answers.

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