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Grab your tissue boxes cause this one is gonna hurt boys.


Although my time in this community has been relatively short compared to most others, I am so happy to have come across this community. You guys were there countless nights when life was tough, and countless nights when life was good. Crazy to think how close you can get with people off of a damn gaming community, and I appreciate everyone here that I've met. College has taken 90% of my time up, and the free time I have left is spent with family and a relationship that hopefully manifests into something greater. I know this "nobody" leaving is going to be a detrimental loss to this community, I hope you guys can recover from my absence.


To all that I have met: Thanks for being a part of my life that was there whenever I needed it to be.

To the higher ups that read this: this is my public official notice of resignment.


Love you all,


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Damn, pretty sad to see you go. To the hilarious ass times we've had on scrim and to the iconic 3-19 performance in the SG open, you will always stay as a friend. Salute Soldier :usa2:

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