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Minecraft Ultra Hardcore

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What is Ultra Hardcore?


Ultra Hardcore is a gamemode in Minecraft where you do not naturally regenerate health, and once you die you are eliminated. You can only regenerate health via Golden Apples, Instant Health Potions, Regeneration Potions, and/or Golden Heads (1 head surrounded by 8 gold). Players drop heads when they die. PvP is enabled after 20 minutes, and there is always PvE damage on.



Game Details:


Map Size: 1500x1500, slowly centers to 0,0 after PvP enabled.

Gamemode: KutKlean- Ores are auto smelted when you mine them, and food is auto cooked when you kill an animal., Enderpearl damage is off.

Game Version: 1.7.10




Where and When?


Where: IP will be distributed via forum PM the day of the event, and whitelist will be taken off 15 minutes before the event is planned to start.


When: Saturday, January 25th @ 6PM EST



How do I Sign-up?


Simply reply to this post and let me know you want to play, and I will add you to the list. I will be allowing 30 people to sign up, with maybe more if there is THAT much interest.



Current Players:


1: @Phoenix_ / 2: @nesquik / 3: @Manny / 4: @Atrix / 5: @Strayyz: / 6: @Tyymunk / 7: @Tagwrack / 8: @TheZZL / 9: @Creten / 10: @Kopsta /11: @Cody. /12: @NuggetAC /13: @Lokibelowkey / 14: @Infinityward /15: @Steven24 /16: @Polarzz / 17: @AfterPot / 18: @Moe Lester / 19: @AIex / 20: @fantastic / 21: @Military_king / 22: @WillofCamelot / 23: @Hypno / 24: @Poke / 25: @frankie / 26: @Auto / 27: @Kyle / 28: @RemixedPixel / 29: @Legendary Kano / 30: @20 scrolls


5 Backups: @Asher , @the baconator, @b1g mac, @Love.



And while you're here you might as well join the Events Team steam group to stay updated on other events we have to offer!



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