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Even if this gets moved to spam central it doesn’t rlly matter to me. As u can prolly clearly tell, I’ve stepped down, and my reasoning is a fucking giant loss of interest in gaming, I’ve got school, and I’m trynna focus on swimming cus I’m close to potentially becoming a national swimmer in the 100 yard breaststroke. I just wanted to say thank you everyone here, whether I liked you or not, for making it such an interesting experience. I’m on my phone rn so I’m not gonna do mentions but I think those of you who I would mention know who you are, you guys r the ones who rlly made it great in my time here. SG definitely won’t be a place that I forget, I’ve made such great memories here. I might still occasionally go onto the forums and possibly teamspeak but you won’t see me on the servers I don’t think, unless it’s bhop maybe. Well, good luck to everyone and thanks.


Quick edit: thanks to all the higher ups for giving me a shot at getting all the way up to ca here, appreciate it

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Not gonna lie, I always thought we were going to climb the ranks together, I was so glad you got admin at the time.

We both got CA and I was surprised to see all the work you've done for bhop, hell I even thought you were going to get AT. You've done a lot for this community and it sucks to see you go.

Hope everything goes well for you in the future and good luck.

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