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Jailbreak Community Meeting!

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Jailbreak Community Meeting


Date/Time: Saturday, April 11th @ 3PM EST


Place: Discord - https://discord.gg/JRw2xHu


Recently, Jailbreak has undergone a pretty rapid change in management with two managers stepping off and two new ones stepping on. With this, we feel it's important to address the community and make clear what our vision is for the server and what we're looking to do moving forward. There's quite a few things we want to get the community's input on and we're sure you will all have questions for us as well.





- Introduction

- Management Changes

- Administration

- Voice Communication Issues

- Plugin Revisions / Additions

- Extending Map Cooldown

- Recent Events and Future Events

- General Rule Discussion / Concerns

- Q&A/Open Floor


Feel free to discuss things here or suggest things to add to the agenda.


Hope to see you all there!


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