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Riveting conversation, what a great suggestion...I can't believe no one has ever thought of that before! -_-


Are you actually going to provide any worthwhile input or did you resurface just to meme and post shit like this? Let's be honest, your definition of "having fun" hasn't always co-existed with our rules over the years.

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As sarcastic / not serious as this thread is, it might be a good time to reach out to the community for their thoughts on the fact that the servers haven't been doing so great for awhile now, by either repurposing this thread or creating a new one. @SilentGuns has pretty much already made a decent post to transform this into a productive thread and while Zombie Escape is the most concerning, I'd ask some broader questions about the servers as a whole, personally. Whether that be in this thread or another one, each server separately or altogether, I'd at least consider it.

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I'm not sure how your post has anything to do with Zombie Escape, whether you just put that image there to boost your message or as a meme? I don't know. In addition ZE is heavily understaffed and I don't see an issue in giving "13 year old's" a chance to administrate servers that they love to play on? Furthermore to counter your statement of "stop banning people that are having fun to try to get promoted" the only people who have been banned off ZE lately have been scripters and hyperscrollers, if you deem that to be fun and promoting for our server when you are watching 3 people bunny hop faster than the rest and getting an unfair advantage then I advise you to go find another community. But I'm open to any suggestions that you have to make the server better.

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Im gonna be honest, this was a meme shitpost. I havn't played on the servers in months but I check on the forums from time to time. I only picked ZE cause its on the front page and that use to be the most popular server.


With that being said, you can't tell me that people aren't ban happy and follow the rules by the book in some cases and instead of deescalating a situation they just ban for a minor inconvenience. You need admins that make it more fun not suck the fun out cause their anal about everything.


"we're understaffed" its a gaming community, you're not working alone at amazon give me a break. Set up votekick/voteban if they arent set up. And yes I believe that having tons of 13 year old administrators is a dumb idea. Half these kids that are admins are too young and just don't get it (sorry, thats my two cents - get pissed if you want)


And yea you're right Bom, i do walk the line on some of the shit I do or say or whatever, but anyone thats ever played with me or interacted with me for the most part will say they had fun playing with me

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