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Introducing: Genshin Impact

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Hey all I have seen a lot of hype behind this game, and after playing it for a handful of hours I thought I would write a little something something to see if I can't grab some more peoples attention!


What is Genshin Impact?


Genshin Impact is a RPG Adventure game very similar to Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. You are the protagonist in a open world, after losing your twin sibling an searching for any possible signs of their whereabouts, meet a very small but helpful companion that helps you set your way in the world that is new to you!


What is a Gacha game?


Gacha games are video that refer to capsule style unlocks for additional things whether it be new characters or equipment E.T.C .

Similar to loot boxes this game has characters that can be unlocked via play or through the Gacha system.

Don't be afraid though Genshin Impact is a 100% Free To Play game unless you want to put the money in it. You are completely able to play the game without spending a single cent and not feeling left behind when in cooperative play with friends that have spent money!


Why should I try this game?


If you are a fan of story driven games and enjoy the anime art style it has, I would highly recommend giving Genshin Impact a chance! Its open world feels massive and has what seems to be crazy amounts of space to grow [Which devs have already confirmed will grow]. It has a very tactical combat system where switching between different elements benefits you incredibly well.



To close if you like anything what you heard here I would highly suggest checking out some videos or checking out the link below!



See you Travelers!

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i went in with skepticism, since it's a gacha game, but it's a really fucking good game OwO

release ur inner weeb and summon the most powerful waifus and beat the shit out of monsters and win the game, ez game



srsly tho, beautiful game, good english voice acting, very fun combat system and no p2w required for as far as ive gotten anyway

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2 hours ago, Case said:

too bad her abilities are all sub par.

True but if you put some decent attack buffing artifacts on her shes a really nice ranged AoE damager.  Also one thing that I didnt know is that her secondary attack can be stacked up to three times and once you used the hold down AoE attack it does good damage.

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