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So I know this was a post before but since it has been awhile from what I remember. So show off or tell us the languages you can speak or know! I've been playing games recently where I only meet people from other country's and even some that speak some languages I speak. I always have been intrigued by different languages and will always enjoy the thought of learning more languages. So tell me if you have any other languages than English you know!

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わたしはにほんごのはなします。(watashi wa nihongo no wa nashimasu)


This is not how you're officially supposed to say "I speak Japanese", but I only know Katakana and Hiragana so far.  I do the best I can without kanji.

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1 hour ago, R3Flex said:

Soy el mejor administrador de jugadores de Steam-Gamers  

Thats spanish for I'm the best Steam gamers admin 

and thats also cap

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