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Jailbreak Community Meeting  

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  1. 1. What day and time works best for you to attend the meeting?

    • Saturday 5/8 @ 5 PM EST
    • Saturday 5/8 @ 6:30 PM EST
    • Saturday 5/8 @ 7 PM EST
    • Sunday 5/9 @ 5 PM EST
    • Sunday 5/9 @ 6:30 PM EST
    • Sunday 5/9 @ 7 PM EST

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Jailbreak Community Meeting!

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Jailbreak Community Meeting!


Date: Saturday May 8th

Time:  6:00pm EST


Place: SteamGamers Hub Discord!

Visit https://steam-gamers.net/servers/discord/




We're long overdue a good community meeting where we all get together and rage about the new generation of Guards, so let's have one! We want to be mindful to those that have finals/APs coming up so we're scheduling this the week after most APs, so the weekend of of 5/7. Using the poll above we'll decide which day and time that Friday-Sunday we'll have our meeting. Please vote on the poll so we can figure out what time is best for you guys to attend! Here's some of the topics we'll be discussing at the meeting:



Healthboost - @All Ts

New Map Feedback

jb_alex_3ni, jb_quake, jb_overcooked, 

Locking Larger Maps Based on Population - @delirium

Mid-Round !fo - @Bacon

Event Feedback

Recently Closed Threads

Q&A & Open Floor

Server Rank and Thank You!


Make sure to reply below if you have any topics you'd like to add to the agenda, or can't make the meeting and want your input heard. If you'd like someone to speak for you at the meeting, message a JB CA or SM.


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New Topics for the Agenda
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I believe our deal was arranged as such that I, leader of the Ape Legion, would get a spot on the JB Board in exchange for not unleashing hell on the server.


The contract has been violated and we will act accordingly.

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