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    Congratz Gator, well deserved.

  2. I support this change. When I played JB actively a few months ago often times I would give the same orders over and over again not necessarily to be a dick but just to keep the Ts from rebelling and it got very boring after a while. Implementing death games would spice things up and overall make the server great again.
  3. Four

    I’m back whore

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  5. This community is turning around for the better congrats
  6. Classifieds Selling Item for Sale Bowie Knife | Tiger Tooth | MW Condition of Item New Item Description add me on steam if you are interested steam market lowest price is $262.14 Price $200
  7. I truly still don't know if you are a boy or girl

  8. Who the fuck are you?

  9. You’ll be seeing me there hope you guys are ready for it
  10. Four

    thanks for giving my profile some views, almost to 1k! half of them are probably from you :))

  11. @Dominic @All Ts Is there anyway the public jailbreak themed models can be the default models for all players? I feel like this thread has been forgotten so I figured I'd tag you guys.
  12. this actually happens often on the JB server but I just never thought to mention it. The majority of the time it happens on summer jail. Instead of voting for a new map when you !rtv it just changes to the map that won the majority votes from the last voting period.