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    Congratz Gator, well deserved.

  2. I support this change. When I played JB actively a few months ago often times I would give the same orders over and over again not necessarily to be a dick but just to keep the Ts from rebelling and it got very boring after a while. Implementing death games would spice things up and overall make the server great again.
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    I’m back whore

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  5. I truly still don't know if you are a boy or girl

  6. Who the fuck are you?

  7. You’ll be seeing me there hope you guys are ready for it
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    thanks for giving my profile some views, almost to 1k! half of them are probably from you :))

  9. @Dominic @All Ts Is there anyway the public jailbreak themed models can be the default models for all players? I feel like this thread has been forgotten so I figured I'd tag you guys.
  10. Awesome! Congrats everyone Looking forward to you guys helping with the JB server! @Grateful and @WavY
  11. I just figured those were the default CS:GO models. If that is the case I would strongly recommend changing them to something more "Prison Themed". The CT model is not a cop with a blue shirt. The only way you can make your skin color blue is by purchasing it through the !store. The T model looks nothing like a prisoner. If you clicked the link I provided above there are far better options than the ones we have currently. Edit: @ tides showed me the model, I guess no one uses !models. Is there a way to have players automatically use the models provided?
  12. There is a solution. If we implement a warden plugin of our own. The way I look at it is that conflicting orders will always be an issue if we do not have order within the CT team. Yesterday I was playing JB but could not give any orders without having someone revoke them and give a free-day. I think both of you were online during that incident with 29snowforever (I think was his name) yet no action was taken against him. I will give a few examples of what I think could work as a warden plugin for our server. Warden - Warden is allowed to take !fo - Able to use (command) to mute CTs for x amount of time to give orders (Only can use once or twice per round) *Command only able to be used by players with x amount of time on server - Warden is allowed to place markers - Warden is still required to give warning shots - Warden can not force DGs - Warden is only available with x amount of players on server This is just an example. If the server creates a warden plugin that will give the entire CT team freedom to give orders but if it gets chaotic to have a single individual take over I think it would be beneficial.
  13. Jailbrake Feedback - Guard *Note - Please feel free to give positive criticism to this thread. Introduction Hello, most of you know who I am if not I go by the name "Four" or "Billie" on the servers. I play on the Jailbreak server quite frequently and I figured I would give basic feedback relating the Guard position. I started playing jailbreak almost 2 years ago. I took a long break due to personal reasons but I have returned once again and I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon. I play on the CT side 90% of the time, unless the ratio is horrible. The reasoning behind that is because on our jailbreak server there aren't that many players that know how to play the CT role and are good at it. Enough about me, let's get into my opinions on the CT and how I think we can make it better! Feedback !FO Let's begin with !fo. Firstly I feel lately this command has been abused. !fo should be used only when CTs are talking over each other at the beginning of the round when orders can not be given. I often times see one person take !fo multiple times in a row (I can say I do this as well) which doesn't give the rest of the CTs a chance to give orders of their own. Another issue I find with !fo is that CTs who take this command will give a free-day which causes the entire round to be very chaotic. The rules state that any freeday can be revoked but often times it is difficult to enforce that without being able to actively speak. Overall I find this command more of an issue than an improvement unless you increase the amount of people on the server for it to activate. Conflicting Orders This has been a HUGE issue the past few weeks. I can give you plenty of examples of two CTs conflicting orders but the one example that I see daily is when a CT is trying to give orders but another CT will give the Ts a FD. However when you try to revoke it the CT will continue to give a FD. I understand that this is against the rules and CTs will always be able to revoke free-days but I feel we are getting to the point where a form of a warden plugin needs to be established. I know that is something that most likely will never happen but this problem will never be solved without it. I can tell you that the majority of our server can agree with me that conflicting orders is 90% of the reason people get free-killed. CTs will give conflicting orders, someone won't hear an order and will kill a T he think is rebelling. Models This will be more of a QoL change given the feedback. Personally I think the server should be given a free model that resembles an actual prisoner and guard. Here is an example . Occasionally it is difficult to distinguish the difference between each team, this can always be an issue with the black models from some of our Sub+ items in the store. T Orders This hasn't been a big issue but I thought I'd address it. When a T gives T orders (I understand it is against the rules but it happens) I feel a warning shot doesn't do it justice. IMO if it happens multiple rounds you shouldn't be required to give the T warning shots. That should be killable the first time it happens. Conclusion I would just like to say thank you for all of your hard work so for on the Jailbreak server. You guys recently added a ton of QoL changes that has helped the server which I do appreciate. The overall server in my opinion is the best in CS:GO truly because of how the rules are set. I will be looking forward to the feedback given on this thread. I will add any additional changes/features I think of in the future.
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    !fo glitch

    The glitch happened again, this time I have a demo. This only occurred on the first round of a new map however if I am able to get fo on another map switch in the first round I will update this post. It isn't that big of a deal but figured I'd let you know. edit - I updated the link, sorry it's been a while since I recorded demos so let me know if that link works.