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  1. ay yo im back pt.2

  2. yo madd dogg long time nooo see

  3. i was gone but im still back

  4. You forgot my boy @Maanshaan Rip ;-;
  5. Sign up Wrx for our sub
  6. Damn you got me , but i was going to get maan this time Instead im getting WRX
  7. @shoiep When we going to find a time to play
  8. I mean if there’s a chance to play why not sign me up I guess ????*??????*??
  9. grASSo (Wolf)

    Scrim Event?

    If we even have one idkkkk but sign me and Maan up ohhh wait.... just sign me up
  10. Guess who’s getting a bad review on Yelp :^)