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  1. I have a blue yeti, but prefer the keyboard. I find that it has better vocal clarity, and quite low input lag, although it does have it's draw backs with intonation being hard to define with it.
  2. I'm down to down some drinks whilst sitting on the bench as a sub
  3. Wellllllllllllll fuck. I finally was able to import my photo for this contest and its already over.
  4. What is your most favourite vacuum cleaner? I have to go with the Dyson DC25 Animal that makes music on the rugs @Ahoy.
  5. https://gyazo.com/cb24d64ee6e4b59980126dd27e33e51c Also broke my wrist yesterday! FUN Going to draw the winners today, and give them when I can. SSG-08 DragonFire [Minimal Wear] Goes to... https://gyazo.com/2d3216b3dbb954614e4b6460fde1567a @RabbitinaHat AWP Hyper Beast [Minimal Wear] Goes to... https://gyazo.com/49944e9d939209be2c7ed0949e6dc895 @Stingrqy AK-47 Vulcan [Minimal Wear] Goes to... https://gyazo.com/609377e0ed709f13105af23fa36b90e9 @Suri AWP Asiimov [Well Worn] Goes to... https://gyazo.com/c762b2513a4896a02af9417060ef8b60 @omarfire00 M4A1-S MasterPiece [Minimal Wear] Goes to... https://gyazo.com/57f8e674dc3319cb12051d39d09e4935 @BlackWhite Bayonet Vanilla Goes to... https://gyazo.com/57289ad318492a236ffc70f3f0293efc @Rayfry That concludes this giveaway. You will get your prizes once steam allows me to trade again (smh).
  6. I think he's suggesting this because often times, if an admin is on a server and someone calls another person "autistic," even if it gets said multiple times to another player, (unless the situation clearly shows that its player disrespect,) it often gets overlooked as someone joking around. Just as you can't use any words that discriminate against races and religions indefinetly, I think he would like if someone was to use that word, then the procedure follows the same as it would with racism. Therefore, this suggestion would allow no one to be able to straight up say those words, even if they are joking without punishment occuring. edit: Spiked hit on that point .
  7. So I chose to do third person knife fight with someone. When I won, I was still active in the LR and couldn't damage anyone, or be damaged by anyone...
  8. Basically, I dun goofed. I bought my skins 2 days ago via steam and didn't have my mobile authenticator touched for 7 days, so now i'm waiting for my 7 day trade shits for them. Therefore I will be chaning my raffle to Tuesday, also known as MAY 9THsorry for the inconvenience, but I currently hate steam and the mobile authenticator.
  9. I told you guys during last community meeting that we were having SG's 2017 summer Olympics.
  10. Congratulations @frosty, and welcome back @Wawa bring back casual!!!!!!!