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  1. happy birthday!

  2. I don't play JB but I was here the last time forced deathgames were allowed which included non-map deathgames such as simon says and so on. From what I got out of it the issue was the CTs only ever forced deathgames where they get to kill the Ts, such as the two you mentioned, and the map deathgames were rarely if ever played.
  3. [ATTACH=CONFIG]19116[/ATTACH] You'd use a private battle arena for each fight, if someone wants to stream it they sit in the spectator area. Aside from that it'd work like a regular tournament. The few issues with this is you have to pay for online with Nintendo if you've already done their free trial and the p2p connection. If someone has a bad connection no one will have fun during the match.
  4. Map Fix Request Full map name ze_thelostworld_redux_p2 Type of map Zombie Escape Link to the map http://steamgamers.site.nfoservers.com/csgo/maps/ze_thelostworld_redux_p2.bsp.bz2 What the problem is The plugin that stops zombies from spawning in when the round ending kill wave happens doesn't activate and the map slowly kills zombies at the end so the round never ends unless they all get slayed by an admin
  5. But did you skip school
  6. The gameME stat signatures were broken a while ago, they're not fixed yet
  7. This used to be a thing on ZE when we were using skillbot but it was removed because it interfered with people leading on maps mainly Sub+ was allowed to talk during map votes https://www.steam-gamers.net/forum/showthread.php?t=76783&p=899126&viewfull=1#post899126 old thread, might be outdated but has some talks about why it was removed