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  1. happy birthday!

  2. We did that a while ago, didn't SS the 6-0 but did SS the 8-1
  3. I don't play JB but I was here the last time forced deathgames were allowed which included non-map deathgames such as simon says and so on. From what I got out of it the issue was the CTs only ever forced deathgames where they get to kill the Ts, such as the two you mentioned, and the map deathgames were rarely if ever played.
  4. Drakanen

    Bhop on ZE

    There's no bhop cap on westersand, which is where the bhop complaint is coming from I assume and yes it is very unfair on that map plz fix @Agent Wesker @Leon Mordecai All the other maps have it capped at 300, and if you shoot them mid jump they get pushed back further than normal I bhop all the time as a zombie and it usually doesn't help much unless it's one straggler who refuses to turn around and shoot
  5. the rainbow glow effect on the perks menu doesn't affect the hellknight skin but it does affect the coconut one
  6. When you go to nominate a partial map and there's more than one with the name, ie surf (facility, mlg, vortex, etc) or ice (icecap, ice hold), you can nominate the map you're currently on and rtv to it (we tested it on icecap, successfully nominated and rtv'd back to icecap from icecap) Regular nominations and typing the full name or partial if there's no other maps with the name in them, works as normal and doesn't let you nominate it, only when the list of possible maps shows up that you can
  7. It used to be like that for a lot more maps, but people complained it was too hard I preferred it that way, made maps more fun for me it was sorta touched here - https://www.steam-gamers.net/forum/showthread.php?t=71760& but part of it is outdated with changes to the server
  8. I die a little every time that happens like...stop edging
  9. flashbacks to when cs:go deathrun was on MG and no one played it
  10. the ZE curse is spreading this has been an issue on ZE for quite a while. guess MG wanted a part of it, dunno about the other servers usually rejoining fixes it