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  1. Sorry for the late reply, I didn't see this until this morning LOL. I haven't hopped in a bit (because of school) but in my opinion I think a wipe would be beneficial for so many people. I work pretty hard to get solid times and it sucks when you feel like your effort is falsely correlated by the results. Also like scrolls stated before, I don't think it's necessary to keep ranks, and it'll just be better to wipe the points and have players grind points out instead. There are so many cheated times nowadays that I'm sure most people wouldn't mind getting a full reset. Hope my opinion helps on this topic. Thanks Noxstar for bringing it up.
  2. Miss running ZE back in 2017 with u man

  3. I was apart of the team when we beat Frostdrake, so I can confirm that we did indeed beat the map two times. Ben did a great job leading! (although he died before we won the first time LOL sorry Ben)
  4. Merry belated Chrismis Prez <3

  5. Miss you man. You will be remembered as one of the OG.

  6. Merry Christmas biotch <3

  7. Holy crap you're an admin now. poggers.

  8. I hope Michael Porter Jr. carries Mizzou to victory.
  9. Come back to ZE :(

  10. Just wanting everyone to know: ze servers have been kinda dead this past week while I was on lol. The amount of players averaged around 10-15
  11. @Nebula Thank you so much!
  12. @wekser Also, is weapon color supposed to be tracer? I couldn't find the tracer option in !store. Thanks in advance Wesker my dude.