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  1. A large issue is that ct's just want to delay and get kills a lot of the time. Unless you have regulars on the ct side you're just going to get people like that. And most ct's won't even do death games, so honestly, we just need some better players on, but that's out of anyone's control.
  2. I mean we get a lot of new players and most of them would get confused with this. It would remove some issues we have with current chat orders, but at the same time it would bring new issues (Most of which have been mentioned in the past). In theory it's a good idea, but as a jb player I don't know if it would actually work and some rules may need to be added/changed to accommodate it. I know I don't really have any power, but just wanted to give my honest opinion.
  3. Some guy in HSEL has been abusing his powers pretty like a cuck so please sign this petition we already have 126 -->
  4. This my guy is an epic gamer moment

  5. So very recently I started using team speak and I would just like to know how I can get my roles.
  6. Not exactly in cs:go, but I was playing comp with someone and we we're getting along well (he didn't have a mic btw) and he asked me to add him on discord. This was completely normal obviously so I added him without a thought. He invited me into some group and when I joined I immediately was put into a voice call with two other guys. Through their mics I could hear screaming and crying and when they saw me on they started making creepy noises and taunting me. All of a suddenly they started posting pictures into the chat, they were chilling. I can only assume they had just taken the pictures because it was exactly what I had imagined was going on based off the sounds. There were 3 or 4 girls tied up and bloody. Right away I decided I needed to get out of that group so I left it and right afterwards my "friend" messaged me taunting me for being a pussy and weak. I blocked him and haven't heard anything from them since.
  7. So I meet the requirments for «SG.Reg», but I got denied on the steam group and I can't reapply for the group since i've been denied and can't request to join. If I request to join the group can I be invited in.
  8. Yo tbh never heard of Cop Craft I'll check it out. But fr, who goes to Hulu for anime that's actually some weird shit.
  9. Wow it really be like that. It's a real shame you're not able to understand quality *sigh* :/ (lol just playing)
  10. The first episode of Dr. STONE and Fire Force were recently released and from the trailers alone I can tell these are easily going to be the biggest summer anime maybe even the best among all the new amazing 2019 anime. My hype for these two masterpieces are easily on par with what I felt for Shield Hero and Demon Slayer. Without a doubt going to be looking forward to every new release and any upcoming seasons. From what I saw in the trailers the plot for both of these are wonderful, especially with the fresh originality I saw from Dr. STONE a Pompeii style post apocalyptic world in which our protagonists have to make due with what nature has to offer then as we see them survive and adapt to their new environment. Meanwhile, the world of Fire Force has been plagued by creatures knows as infernals that occur through spontaneous human combustion. a special group of people gifted with the ability to control fire known as the Fire Force work to extinguish these creatures and put the poor souls afflicted to rest. I am very exited to make my way through these shows and I'll be sure to enjoy all the progress made by our MC's.
  11. Yo I love town of salem hmu if you wanna play
  12. @Nano Tbh I have no good way to explain it but theres a spot you can press that will make part of the left hedge in spawn able to be walked through and inside is an auto. I'd have to play the map with you to explain it better though
  13. Map Fix Request Full map name ttt_afterglow_v1 Type of map TTT Link to the map What the problem is The Auto secret doesn't work. You are still able to get into the room with the auto, but the auto isn't there even though the chicken is.
  14. Currently it's either Nowadays by Lil Skies or DNA by BTS