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  1. Two months later and your syntax and grammar are still the same...C’mon Che, aren’t you around 14 now?



  2. Same here, I’m on a Rainbow Six grind to get back into it and high-school has been a real stick up my ass. You guys can keep em, ya filthy memers, voting for a story with >30 grammatical errors...
  3. Took me a while to complete and finally flesh out the concept but here it is! My story about a classic zombie outbreak but with a theme derived directly from the SCP Foundation. Thank god they encourage community spinoff creation otherwise I’d have to make a much worse story. Enjoy!
  4. I’m gonna quickscope you all on 2fort, prepare your cheeks, cause I’m coming in clapping. Cause’ guess what? Professionals, have STANDARDS.
  5. When do we get Badwater Payload? Loved that map since I first started playing more than five years ago.
  6. Why the hell did this get more attention that my complaint post. I had four pages y’all! In all fairness though, congrats Prayer, you’ve spearheaded the administrator revolution against rule-breakers! Fuck yeah! Can’t wait to hop onto TTT tomorrow.
  7. I’m guessing you called the wrong winner earlier?
  8. Damn Hypno two games already? Give the leprechaun man.