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  1. we only talk because we are so close to each other like brothers like family like second cousns like best friends like admins who unite like retakes sms

  2. I don't understand why I don't have HG

  3. dolo

    Trouble in Outer Space!

    this is not meant for the public. good event spy only took you 334 questions in dms!
  4. Lol nn

    1. BloodBlades


      lol acc sold to a 8 year old  

    2. dolo
    3. BloodBlades


      random french person 

  5. dolo

    where's my rust admin app support?

  6. reminder you haven't beat my beach course time

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    2. dolo


      reminder that im better than you lol!

    3. BloodBlades


      reminder that you described an entirely sand map as very green and has stone 

    4. dolo


      okay well it was green to me

  7. dolo

    im dropping jb_school tomorrow 

    1. Kanye


      bro ill actually kill you










      in game.

  8. dolo

    rust admin when

    1. Kanye


      when reflex applies


  9. get your playtime up on severs like mg and bhop, for now it's a reapply from me.

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    2. BloodBlades


      Reapply only has 20 days on rust 

    3. dolo


      dude not cool I just wanna play rust with my friend bloodblades 

    4. BloodBlades


      Reapply only averages 15 hours a day on crackhouse 

  10. Spy.

    hi dolo

  11. @BloodBlades yo man we always win wingman!!
  12. dolo

    Rejected Lazers

    I don't think this is a big issue considering you don't have to do your cell games. I'm also pretty sure you get a reward for finishing hard cell games, so its kind of a waste of time if they were to do something about it imo