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Get a time machine and go back to anything before 2018. Community servers are on the decline and a thing of the past, we have to adjust to the changes and keeping pushing forward.  


that’s just my opinion! but by all means pour your time and effort into community servers just for nothing if anything to happen or change. 

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What a sad set of responses.


Someone, somehow, convinced a group of Steam-Gamers pessimists that North American CS:GO community servers have been wiped out. Could the decline of these servers possibly just be a temporary phase? Couldn't this be seen as an opportunity to sweep up the remaining population that enjoyed these servers? Edge Gamers has a Jailbreak server at #9, which surely means there's still a Jailbreak loving population that would play our server if it was actually good, right? They'll find a way around each and every question you possibly pose to them and convince them that Jailbreak is dead and it will remain that way... because they tried to seed it!


Or... it actually needs some fucking changes? Did you guys know that the T ranks system, the most popular plugin in Jailbreak history, was added back to the server recently? I wouldn't really blame you if you didn't, because it was introduced with a two-liner in a poorly structured thread a month or so back, then introduced again with a one-liner in a changelog a couple weeks after that. Yes, T Ranks was reintroduced with not even it's own thread. Do you know how fruitful a plugin like that is? There should've been a gigantic announcement post hyping up it's release, a big ol' banner, and a huge fucking event with some incentives to go along with it. 


I played the server a few times since my unban, though I really don't have the patience to wait around for people to join. But CT ranks are still a thing! I wonder if we still run consistent events with that plugin too? Protect the President is a great event, Admins vs Members is always fun, do any of these get used anymore? If you guys were pounding the shit out of this server with effort; events, plugin improvements, so on and so forth, fuck even a community meeting at least.. then I'd say you can be pessimists all you want. But take your "seeding" and shove it up your ass. Do you know how much the little kids that play Jailbreak fiend for stupid little monthly events like who can get to the top of T ranks or CT ranks?


Listing a bunch of random words like "updates, interaction, consistency" doesn't mean anything is actually being done. How do you fix Jailbreak? Passionate people in the ranks that matter, with the competence to direct that passion. If you're an admin or even a regular ass player and you legitimately want to help Jailbreak, reach out to the community and get feedback. Sort of like what Gumline is trying to do here, only no one is really taking him seriously. But also reach out to those kids that still play the server that don't really use the forums, try to get them more involved, and see what they'd like to see on the server.


If all else fails? Start hail marying shit. Nothing's gonna happen if the server sits in the same state it's in and you just keep trying to force people to play it and love it. Add a warden system, allow nonstop deathgames, but don't be surprised when nothing changes and as a result.. nothing changes.

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Dominic was the first person to post on this thread with substance. 4 title holders shit posting, the negativity needs to end, it's sad! 


We must restore positivity to the forums, and population to our servers. 


I'd love to see Tropical Island added to the rotation if someone could remove the deagle spawner, or just add it as is and punish anyone who tries to crash the server. Let the war day stay, it adds a nice change of pace. Give the chance for CTs to win an easy round, and we'll still probably get rekt unless an Abomination/H4X0R is on CT.


Electric razor/vipinthemix event: First weekend of each month the server has both maps in constant rotation. Whichever CT and T get the most kills earn a new award titled "Weekend Warrior" and get bragging rights till next event.


It'd be awesome to get to the point again where you can connect to the server, join a team, and have fun. Right now you connect and hope others join.









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1 hour ago, Gumline said:

We must restore positivity to the forums, and population to our servers. 

Honestly, I think myself and a lot of other people are ready to give up on CS. I don't know if you've checked the past events but the most successful ones are the non CS ones. No one wants to do events for it and trying to get past 10 players is nearly impossible for the seeders. Even if we check gametracker, the majority of the top servers in NA right now are either for movement or PVP.



You've said you want to commit yourself to the community and watch your "beloved" JB rise up again in your admin application but if you really want to apply yourself and put in the work for it then I would recommend the events team before anything. There are more than enough admins right now in my opinion and the events team wouldn't hurt with more events being made. 

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