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I Hate The Antichrist

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This isn't medical advice, this thread is for philosophical discussion and entertainment ONLY. Trust your doctor, or don't; whatever you do, don't read some shit on a gaming forum and decide to fuck your life up.


Hello Gamers! This thread has been a long time coming and it's finally here, soon. In less than a weeks time I will be making a post critical of modern psychiatry among other topics. I wanted to give you guys some time to read up, think and share some initial thoughts if you're so inclined. I'll leave some topics and recommend reading for those interested, but remember to keep discussions civil and refrain from telling other individuals what they specifically should and shouldn't be doing.


Topics (non-exhaustive and in no particular order):

Error and harm of the medicalization of psychiatry

Crisis of meaning (and death of God)

Modernity vs Primitivism/Tribalism

Rationality vs Spirituality


Medicine as an arm of the state

Modern nutrition, indoor, and sedentary lifestyles

Normalization of suffering

Right to refuse/coercion/consent

Origins and history of psychiatry


Optional Required Reading:

Thomas Szasz

Michel Foucault

Erich Fromm

Victor Frankl

Jean-Paul Sartre

Søren Kierkegaard

Albert Camus


The span of topics is obviously pretty broad so you're more than welcome to weigh in on topics you see as sufficiently related that weren't specifically listed.


Thanks in advance to everyone that chooses to participate civilly or just wants to follow along. Stay tuned.

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1 hour ago, BoM said:

Is this like one of those shitty online college courses?



Made this post in this format for two reasons primarily.


Firstly, I was waiting for my issues to be resolved before starting the thread, seeing as they are I felt comfortable launching it lol. I'm on vacation at the moment so I figured an introduction would suffice.


Secondly, seeing how many people were chomping at the bit in discord to get involved, I figured it'd be warranted to introduce it this way so those that want to get involved are able to read up on what they want and do some thinking. Those prone to reactionary responses will also have some time to cool off before things get going.


The OP will mostly be an introduction and summary of the individual topics, so as stated, anyone who thinks they know what's going on is able to weigh in, but I understand not wanting to be dog piled as the first or waiting for another post to jump off of.


Also fuck you, the college classes where you just have to respond to a debate for a grade are goated.

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11 minutes ago, Gentoo said:

Also fuck you, the college classes where you just have to respond to a debate for a grade are goated.


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