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As previously discussed in threads and a the June community meeting we will be shutting down several servers to try and condense everything we have to one dedi saving us money. Please see the list below to understand what is being removed and when, after which there will be some scheduled down time which will be coordinated from @Nishok in order to move IPs around and shift everything to one dedi.


Below are the servers being shutdown as well as ones that have already been off but now will no longer exist to be turned on for events and such. We can work on possibly bringing a server back for an event however space will be much more restricted without 2 dedis.


Servers Already shutdown and now being yeeted










Servers being shutdown by August 01 2022

2nd Surf

2nd Bhop

2x Squad tourney servers


Servers being shutdown by September 01 2022




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Zombie Escape and Team Fortress 2 servers have now been shut down.

This concludes all the servers that were planned to be put offline.


Feels weird to have to shut down one of the servers that was part of the building stones of SG.

But sometimes we have to let go, to keep moving forward.


A big thank you to everyone that have worked on those servers.

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