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Creation of New Rank

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The Board of Directors should implement the new rank of Server Ambassador. When a member reaches 30 days of playtime on a specific server they'll be eligible to apply for the rank. Upon receipt of the application; the AO(s) who manage the server which the member seeks to become a Server Ambassador for will grant or deny ambassadorship.


Eligibility Requirements: 


  1. 30 days total active playtime on server for which you seek ambassadorship.
  2. 1 day active playtime on server for 3 months prior to application.
  3. No ban within 6 months of application. Bans overturned through appeal do not count for the sake of this req.


Server Ambassador Commitment:


  1. 1 day of playtime on your server every 2 calendar months. 
  2. Participation in at least 1 server event per month.


Role of a Server Ambassador:


The role of a Server Ambassador is to retain and improve the player base through their knowledge and understanding of the server's play style and community. Each Ambassador will be empowered with admin privileges on their server. Ambassadors will report to and be managed by the server's AO(s).


Edit 1: Lower 30 day active playtime req to 15 days or less based on post feedback from @duffy& @Alex. AO(s) could set their own playtime reqs based on current server activity trends.


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1 hour ago, Gumline said:

Please elaborate!

We had a community meeting about this, it was brought up twice, basically what you just said is what they wanted, although it's also different? 

SR - Server Reps 

Server Reps were to be tied in as basically JRSM(JRAO now ig) but they'd work together with their dedicated servers, join CA meetings, etc. and help out with other stuff. I don't quite remember all the details, but it should be somewhere in the annoucements from back maybe 2 3 4 months ago?

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19 hours ago, Gumline said:


  1. 30 days total active playtime on server for which you seek ambassadorship


physically impossible with current server population 👍



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So i'm guessing you want seasoned Regulars to bypass SA admin application by straight away becoming a temp/JR SA, correct? it's not a bad idea to have well established regs to contribute to Server discussions(which is alr done by dominic), but what you're describing is a mixture of SR and SA together. You don't need an entire rank for this as SA/CA already have the power to communicate with the respective AO's to help make the gamemode fun and retain player-base. With this amount of tight restrictions to 'SA' (espically with the low server pop), it's more easier to apply for SA and given more power and freedom to help the community. 

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