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QoTD 10/11/2022

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You either have to walk for 3 hours or go up 30 minutes worth of stairs. Which you doing?



Idk why I thought of this question. Maybe its cause I’ve been waiting for a bus that was supposed to come 30 minutes ago and the walk is 30 minutes so im just kinda pissed now. 


Anyway I’m going up the stairs. More work for sure but fuck walking for 3 hours in this weather. Shits cold

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For me, it really depends. If the weather outside was 105 degrees or Arctic levels of cold with rain, I would 100% use the stairs. If not, then I'm walking. I still have trauma from having my university dorm elevator down. I live on the 11th floor..and this happened during laundry day(imagine carrying 15-20 lbs of clothes)

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1 minute ago, Zero Two said:

I mean I walk/run for 12 hours a day at work so 3 hour walk is cake 

you cant even walk for 5 minutes without huffing and puffing. 


i walk 5 miles a day to keep myself from being out of shape so walking for 3 hours is cake

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