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The Start of CS2 for SteamGamers!

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Hello everyone,


I am excited to announce that we are opening up two CS2 servers and an Insurgency server! While this wasn’t a secret, we all wanted an official announcement so everyone is on the same page. After a lot of testing and unforeseen dedi problems, we are finally ready to get some servers launched, which will be Surf and Prison Break! You've probably all seen the announcement for Surf already, however Prison Break is now officially online! We’re not trying to launch a whole bunch of stuff at once, but we are looking at possibly opening up one more CS2 server in the near future.


We’ve agreed that we need to sit down and really focus on rebuilding our community and establishing a player base for each server from the ground up. With that being said, the AO’s and BD’s have been divided into ‘teams’. What this means is that each of us is going to lend a hand on a regular basis for whatever server we have been assigned to - seeding, hosting meetings, map requests, discussions, etc. Additionally, this allows any of you to direct questions at the appropriate people. This certainly isn’t saying that you’ll never see managers playing on the other servers - it’s just to make sure the love is getting spread around. While ultimately, I would like to get the Directors off of server management and give that back to the AO’s, it’s a bit of an all-hands-on-deck situation. These names on the servers aren’t meant to be in a hierarchy type of order. 


Team Gmod TTT is going to remain the two jefes that are currently in charge: Elfbarf and Huwajux. They’ve been doing great work on it, and I’m sure they’re going to continue to do so. They have both been a beacon of light in what has seemed like darkness for some time now. 

Connect to Gmod TTT via: gmodttt.steam-gamers.net


Team Surf will be composed of: Jazzy, Triou, and Karma. Surf launched quite recently but has already seen some signs of success, huge thanks to Jazzy, triou, and our tech guys like Nishok and BoTo. They worked very hard to get this going for all of you to enjoy!

Connect to Surf via: surf.steam-gamers.net


Team Prison Break will be composed of: Dominic, Roddy, Lynx, and myself. I will unfortunately have to take a bit of a backend role for now. My computer has seemingly busted in some way during my move, so I’ve got to diagnose what is going on with that. But Dominic and I have been working on establishing rules, maps, etc., and are excited to get it out in the open. Revenga has also decided to join the gang on this one, and will be lending some of his time here.

Connect to Prison Break via: pb.steam-gamers.net


Zero Two has been putting a bunch of effort into our Insurgency server, so he will be running that alongside ThatTamer!


Connect To Insurgency via: ins.steam-gamers.net:27102


A huge thanks to Nishok (the absolute GOAT), BoTo, and Jazzy once again, this time for all their hard work on the technical side of things in getting PB up and going smoothly. Additionally, thanks ThatTamer and Triou for doing some testing on PB. We’re going to be keeping the server relatively simple, especially for the time being. 


Thanks everyone for sticking around and lending your input on the forums, discord, and in game. We’re glad to finally be able to open up some CS2 servers and get the ball rolling. There will be more info posted soon on seeding dates! We hope to see you guys all there!

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On 2/26/2024 at 10:11 PM, Vy said:

Has the community completely given up on ZE?

Last time it was tested it was in a pretty broken state and hardly worth running - I'm not sure how it's progressed since. @jazzywould know more

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On 2/26/2024 at 5:11 PM, Vy said:

Has the community completely given up on ZE?

We have tried several times to bring ZE back, but there really isn't a community for it and all the times we've tried it just isn't successful. As an event we could try it, but I don't think it would stay long.

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