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Admins VS Regulars Scrim!

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Admins VS Regs Scrim!




What is up members of Steam-Gamers! Your boy Strayyz is here to give you guys another event! This event is going to be an Admins vs Regulars Scrim event. The event is exactly what the title says. Admins on one team, regulars on another to fight in an ultimate scrim showdown!


Here is how the event will work! The slots for the server will be increased so that if any regular/admin wants to show up plays! The games will be first to 2 wins, and we will all vote for which maps we want to play every game.


Also, as a special treat, team damage will be enabled for the duration of the event! Other than that, normal scrim rules apply, and may the best team win!






Scrim Server - scrim.steam-gamers.net:27016




August 17, 2019

6pm EST | 3pm PST

Password: 321sg





You haven't joined our Steam-Gamers Events Steam Group?! Well now is your chance! Please click the image below to join today!


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