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August SG Movie Night!

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Its time to gather around to enjoy some fun filled laughs and enjoyable movies together. Bring snacks, drinks, and a comfy chair to this relaxing event on kast and teamspeak.




Saturday, August 24th @8:00 PM EST



Teamspeak: ts.steam-gamers.net

Kast: https://s.kast.gg/g/i1agyu678c


Movie Suggestion #1

Inglorious Basterds

Movie Suggestion #2

2 Fast 2 Furious

Movie Suggestion #3

Avengers Endgame (courtesy of vinyl)

Movie Suggestion #4

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Movie Suggestion #5

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Movie Suggestion #6


Movie Suggestion #7

Paul Blart Mall Cop

Feel free to suggest movies for us to watch at the event. We will decide in teamspeak at the event on what we will watch. Please try to keep these movie suggestions appropriate for a Steam-Gamers Event. We will use these suggestions when deciding what to watch.


P.S. if you had a rabbit account before, your login information should be the same. If you did not, you will have to make an account through kast


*Banner creds to @Clamor*

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