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Album of the Year

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Tough one. I honestly can't think of any other albums that qualify for "AOTY" in my eyes. I'm looking through my most listened to albums of the last year in Last.fm and Bandana, Save Me, and Mirrorland are the only ones showing up that I can say that I enjoyed thoroughly.









Bandana was a 10/10 for me. There isn't a song on it that I do not enjoy. Mirrorland by Earthgang and Save Me by Future were also really great and enjoyable. I cannot think of any other albums that has been released this year that I 100% enjoyed. Tyler, The Creator's Igor got boring for me real quick and I now only enjoy two songs off of it. BROCKHAMPTON'S Ginger only has a handful of good songs in my opinion. Nothing else is coming to mind. Curious to hear @idealist's opinions.

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