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A new headset

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Hey all, I’m investing in getting a new headset pretty soon because the one I have is pretty much shot to the point where the audio cuts out a ton and faded audio here and there, it also falls apart a lot sometimes. I’m not to sure what I want my next headset to be but I would love it for you guys to give me some suggestions. I prefer wired headsets more than wireless ones. The highest I’m willing to pay is 150$ or lower. Thanks!!

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That's so funny I literally have a pair or Razer Kraken Tournament Edition coming in the mail today. They were about $75 and have great sound and mic quality. Unless you want to go for more of like a recording setup maybe go for a stand mic. But for $150 you could find some very high quality headsets.

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HyperX Cloud Pro- Lasted me 3 years until my cat when he was a kitten chewed the cord and broke them. Fairly cheap, good sound, not bad mic attached.



HyperX Cloud Flight- Current headset, had for about 8 months. Great sound, the microphone isn't great, but holds a charge well and has a good range, I recommend.


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The Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X Headset is absolutely my favorite headset I've ever had. Its extremely comfortable and light. It has a 10 ft cord which comes in handy for me all the time and a good quality microphone!


I highly suggest it and the price right now is $100



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philips shp9500. open back, no mic, and wired but it has 50mm neodymium drivers, which are something you would normally find in 150/200$ audiophile headsets. seriously, if you get anything else that dosent have any fancy features, you wasted your money. (and if you would need a mic, use the saved money to get a fifine k669b/k.)

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I have a HyperX Cloud Alpha 2. I love HyperX because the quality is unmatched compared to anything I've ever owned from Astros to Turtle Beaches, etc. I had my first pair for 3 years and only ever switched to get the next version with new features. It never once had a scratch on it or showed any signs of age after 3 years.

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