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Introducing PonyRP!

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Garry's Mod PonyRP is finally here!

Shoutout to @BoM for the splendid banner!

eXtr3m3 and I have been working on PonyRP for a couple of months now and we are very excited to finally release it. He may no longer be here but it was his dying wish to release this and I took it upon myself to finish up whatever was left and release it in his honor. For a while, people thought we were joking about releasing PonyRP but who is laughing now? I promised him that we would get this out. There are many ponies that you can choose from. We spent some BIG bucks on these pony models so we hope you guys appreciate them. We also have plenty of jobs to choose from that I will list below. Unfortunately, we could not get the greenlight from Caution to add the clopper job. Something about it being too obscene.. Anyways, I listed the job list and a couple of teaser screenshots below.


So.. What is PonyRP? This server is mine and eXtr3m3's love child. We spent many nights working on this, sometimes staying up until 4 in the morning. @roux would pop in sometimes and give us his insight because he is a Pony connoisseur. We poured our blood, sweat, and tears into it. We added a fully custom Pony Economy with a working Pony Stock Market because we thought it would make sense. A lot of other people worked on the server with us but they asked to remain anonymous. Around $1,500 of our own money was put into developing this and that went towards custom models, paying people to make super custom scripts such as /fart which puffs out some rainbow stuff (it consists of 600 lines of code) and /neigh (that one has 900 lines of code), and a plethora of other things. We expect this to pass Jailbreak and TTT in rankings and become our top server. Hope you guys enjoy!



Rainbow Constructor

Angel Dust Dealer

Pony Pill Dealer

Pony Police Department

SWAP (Special Weapons and Ponies)

Pony Terrorist (Osama Bin Pony)

Pobo (Pony Hobo)



Cloud Sales Man (because they don't have cars because they are flying ponies. Let's be serious here)

Pony President

Rapist (Same as DarkRP rapist. No difference.)

Horse Doctors (Modeled by real people because ponies don't have opposable thumbs









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