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Town of Salem Event!

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It's time for some Town of Salem!


What is Town of Salem?


Town of Salem is an online multiplayer role-playing strategy game placed during the witch trials of Salem. Each player is given a role with their own specific abilities. Each role falls under one of three groups: Town, Mafia, and Neutral. The goal of the Town is to identify and lynch any evildoer. The goal of the Mafia is to work together and murder all roles that oppose them. All Neutral roles are assigned their own individual goals for the round. The game can be found on their website, on Steam, or on the iOS or Google Play Store.


The game is no longer free to play as of November 2018. If you have an account that was made before then and played at least one game, your account was grandfathered into the new system and you don't have to pay. Thankfully, we have access to referral codes that will gift 5 free games per account. If you don't have a grandfathered account we can supply you with referral codes so you can still participate. You can also purchase the game as it is quite cheap ($4.99) and we may host more Town of Salem events in the near future.





Saturday May 2, 8 PM EST





The event will be hosted on our official teamspeak in the Events Channel!


Teamspeak Server: ts.steam-gamers.net






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