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Social Media Re-launch and New SG Logo!!!!

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With the

charity stream coming up tomorrow we decided to introduce our newly revamped social media along with our future plans for it. The entire marketing team, as well as a multitude of people from other teams, have worked hard to really help revive our social media. Some final adjustments are being made and YouTube is still "under construction", but you can expect a lot more activity on all of these platforms from now on.








Along with that, you'll notice that we also have a new logo which is a little more refined and fit to match some of our upcoming projects. Expect to be seeing it around more as we transition everything over to the new logo.



I can't really explain how much work went in from start to finish with all of these projects along with all the things that will keep happening behind the scenes, but I am truly grateful. The mere existence of this team can be credited to a whole bunch of people in the community, both those who have come and gone and those who are still here. I find this to be the culmination of everything the Marketing team has been working towards, and a true win for SG that is going to help us launch this place to new heights. Thank you, truly.




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