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Microphone Suggestions

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I had A Blue Snowball and it worked very well till I broke it sounded really good but I'll go with Jmc If you have over 100$ to spend buy a Blue Yeti also had one of those and it had very good quality.

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Here's a list of microphones, interfaces and bundles some are expensive, but if you want a mic that can like 3-4 years I suggest investing in a more expensive bundle


Foucsrite Scarlett Solo Studio Bundle


Audio Technica AT2020, Scarlet Interface, Boom Arm, XLR Cable and a Pop Filter with Shock Mount


Blue Snowball

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I recommend the FIFINE 669B Microphone. One of the best budget usb-mics that (once tinkered with) can sound better than a blue yeti.

It's around $30 last I checked; there are tons of great reviews on it and how to properly set it up so you don't sound like donkeyshit.


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