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I am gonna change as a person..

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So my birthday was two months ago tomorrow, and I'm going to be quickly approaching 18, and there are things about me that I'll need to change.


And I guess I'll document it here? So I guess I'll attempt to document how my day goes throughout the course of the year.


So uh, I'll introduce myself- again. 

Hi, I'm lynx, or lynxie, you can call either or, I don't mind.


I play TTT more than any other server on SG, sometimes I play JB in the morning cause it's chill and funny, but not often.


I'm currently writing this in my English class right now so I hope he doesn't kill me for this haha.


But yeah, I'm for the most part chill, ignore my TTT stats- but on discord trust me, I'm different. 


I just mumbled a bit of What in XXXTarnation for some reason, why am I saying this?


I'm holding a constant bright smile under this mask, I'm just so happy, but I'm unenthusiastic. Weird.


So uh.. thats today? I don't expect anyone to read this, but if you do. Hi!!


idk if i can put this here but if you wanna ever talk to me..


lynxie#2378 on you know where

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