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Prisonbreak RP Event

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Big thanks to @crazedkangaroo for the amazing banner!


Prisonbreak RP Event


Hello JB apes, here's a different type of event this time, and it's a complete shift from the usual style of our server, the event will be  one map (it's quite the big map btw).

The custom feature about the map is that Ts have an extra way to win the round.




May 1st @ 7 PM EST











If you haven't checked the map out by now, The extra way that Ts can win is by getting a key and escaping.


See you all there boys!

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The images in the steam screenshots don't give the map enough justice to show how big this really is. It massive and a amazing map I plan on sneaking off to soccer because the field is beautiful. @deliriumremember when I said this was happening like 2 days ago and you were like idc, but like look I was right. 

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