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The Wingman Tournament Scandal (Big Drama)

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Hi, former Steam-Gamers Wingman Tournament participant. Recently I have been involved in a best of 3 match with my teammate Nolan ( @the baconator) against the opposing team justplayingjb ( @oSen and @janseen). But I have multiple complaints about these games and the way they were handled. I even have come to the conclusion there was some behind the scenes rigging. I will be going into these issues throughout these posts. I will be allowing responses to this post but please only respond with serious comments and impactful insights.

The Best Of Three.

The tournament was told to be of the best of three nature. Google describes the best of three format as 


This shows that a team has to take 2 victorious games out of the 3 played. From thinking about the English language, when asked if drawing a game is the same as winning the match I don't think anyone would agree to such a heinous opinion. It is clearly stated that a victory must be taken for it to be a best of 3. Later after the second game @Strayyz states that "When you tie, you each- it's each counted as a win for both of you."


This is according to his own feelings, as in CS:GO (The game the tournament was played on) thinks otherwise. While in a MM or Wingman game, a tie is not added as a win in the game. This is proven as after a win you can hover over your rank and see the amount of wins you have gotten. This counter will prove that this should not be counted as a win. I feel like a more respectful way is for there to be another way to have a tie breaker. Whenever in another game there is a draw or tie there is usually another way to determine a winner such as a shootout which could be replaced in a shot for shot type of style. The twitch chat also seems to be confused with the call for this game to count as a win for both teams as one can tell from these chat logs gotten at the end of the first game. 


It seems like after the call of the next game being "for all the marbles" the chat was just as confused as the players. Nobody was really understanding what was going on and were quickly manipulated into believing this is the way. And while we are on the twich chat, let me move onto the next issue I have.

Admin Manipulation and Favoritism 

During this match there were many things that felt off. One of the things that caught my eye is the OBVIOUS yet ignored evidence of abuse of admin/moderator powers and privilege. During the middle of a round, I got a notification from steam stating that a Jailbreak: Operation Chaos Event! had started. This was scheduled for the exact day of the tournament on our match, which the admins must have been scared of winning, to hinder our chances. 

This notification was scheduled for 30 mins after the first game started, right when the important gun rounds should be happening in game. Anything seem off about this??? Why yes, of course... It's a JAILBREAK EVENT! And what team were we playing? A team named justplayingjb. Strange. This is just too much proof to be ignored. 

The next issue I have to talk about under Admin Manipulation and Favoritism is the obvious ping differences. Being brought up in the chat and even spoken about the excuse is that the admins live close together while both Nolan and I live further away. This is just too convenient isn't it. The ping is a very important part of any competitive server that should be taken into context when organizing a game. The more fair option is for a way to get a server closer to everyone or move @Strayyzbetween the two teams or fly out me and bacon to the surrounding area for fair ping between all participants.

As stated in the last section, the twitch chat seemed to have some opinions of themselves about the teams and games. So lets look at these again.


It seems like a lot of the people were unhappy with both teams getting points. @carrolltondisagrees it looks like and so does someone by the name of ExtraFeatured. @Steperdeven goes as far to agree with my point for a chat vote and then follows up calling @Strayyz's idea of next game wins "cringe". Now lets look at the game after the ADMINS win.


Looks as if ExtraFeatured changed their mind and believes now that the admins have won, a 3rd game would be "rigged" and @carrollton is now calling the idea of a game 3 to see who wins 2 (best of 3) "rigged" as well. And @BloodBlades(Who I believe is blood1blllll) was fast to respond that @oSenand @janseen, his admin buddies have won. Also a well known mapper and respected member of the community @20 scrolls messaged in general chat the following which leads me to believe he was also involved in the rigging.


In Conclusion

In conclusion. These games should have been handled different. I feel like there should of been more thought and time put into this very specific chance that could occur and it should not have went the way where we lost. I would also like to speculate my teammate @the baconatorof being against me as he, also an admin, went against my wise decision to call the coin toss and play Nuke, a map I didn't feel comfortable on. I am going to be looking through the replies but only the serious replies none of the dumb trolls coming in here trying to mess with me. This tournament was very important to me and I expected more professionality coming from the community and viewers of the games. I will be looking forward for a way to put this in the past and hopefully we can talk about these issues behind the scene and see if we can come to an agreement as I certainly won't be taking these preposterous callings to heart and will be expecting a change.

- Hypno

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I will not comment on the accusation of me helping rig this event in order to screw over my 32 year old friendship with @the baconator. I will however confirm that nolan was indeed trying to lose the game on purpose, so that you wouldn't win.


And I'm glad someone finally recognized me as a mapper and not some hammer slave.

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