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  1. Hello kind sir 


  2. Yea I wouldn't mind if the points got removed and the gangs plugin was reworked or reset or something like that. I didn't care about my ranks and points until a few weeks ago because I realized I was closing in on top 10. No matter what changes I will still rebel and try and kill cts every round lmao.
  3. jihad is cool. plugin is cool.
  4. cnb

    First Cell

    I think it would make more sense if people didn't use terms like "first cell" or "second cell" and so on. Instead, maybe cts could tell ts to go to cells by pointing out which cells they are with markers or by telling ts which other parts of main cell area they are near. That will basically remove 90% of the confusion this order creates.
  5. Map Suggestion Full map name ba_jail_electric_vip_v3 Type of map Jailbreak Link to map download Additional Information Hola This map is similar to electric vip 2 but this one is built more for CSGO models. Half the secrets on vip 2 don't work for CSGO models but all of these do. This map also has some more things to do and more areas to use. On top of all that there are some more areas that cts can enfore from so its not as bad as electric razor. Screenshots attached No