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  1. <-- ez solution to that one thing u wrote.... Also, TTT's lack of numbers can not be blamed on any one thing. Further, I don't think any SG member or manager deserves blame for this more multiple reasons. 1) Time of year, 2) External factors. Time of year is a given, school is starting, people have less time to play as their responsibilities come back. Second, any change in CSGO server population can be connected to lack of effort, decrease of CSGO players, and the opening of any other CSGO server... In this specific instance, another TTT server opened up not to long ago and this is one of the reasons I think we are seeing low numbers, coupled with the time of year. One month or so of low pop shouldn't be cause for too much warning. The TTT team is always working to find new ways to bring players to our servers. adios
  2. There is already a rule that says that the same orders cannot be given often. This applies to special orders too. So if this stuff happens multiple rounds in a row, admins can punish for conflicting and/or repeating the same order often.
  3. CONGRATS!! 1000% deserved big (short) man!!
  4. Just use !calladmin when this stuff happens. Typically all it takes is one mute from an admin and all the mic spammers stop. Also, admins can warn and then ban a player for up to a day for mic spam. I think that's enough of a punishment and a much shorter ban or a kick usually gets the point across. Overall, rules breakers sometimes go crazy when admins aren't on but once one joins and kicks or mutes someone or whatever they gotta do, the server tends to calm down and everything goes back to how it should be.
  5. In instances like that and in instances like the one this thread was made for;
  6. He had already told the simon says players to freeze so killing them would be fk since no order with “simon says” told them to unfreeze. Also
  7. Simply put, while playing simon says, no order should affect you or make you do anything unless the order begins with “simon says”or simon dies. Otherwise you will get killed…. So in this case his all ts freeze order shouldn’t make the simon says players do anything.
  8. Yo I was thinking this could be a cool addition but it will have a few issues. The taser would be one time use and would kill players rather than show their role. It would probably cost around 100-150 credits. This would be a cool item to fuck around with and may be especially useful late game when all detectives are dead. It basically would be like a 1-hit knife but players may be more comfortable allowing ts with this item approach them. I just want to hear everyone's thoughts about this possibility but first I gotta point out the issues that may come with this item. 1) New players may get confused getting killed one round by a taser and then getting tased the round after by a detective taser and think they were trying to kill them and possibly gun them down. This issue would only be fixed through understanding that there are 2 types of tasers in the game and this wouldn't be too big of a problem in the long run. 2) If a T dies and had this item, innos may pick it up and go around trying to tase people not realizing it is the T item and accidentally RDM someone. This issue could be fixed a couple different ways. 1) make the item only usable by Ts and not allow innos or detectives to pick it up. 2) Make the taser have the properties of a normal detective taser when innos or detectives pick it up off the ground. I dont know the possibility of either of these options but if we can fix this second issue specifically i think this would be a nice addition. lmk if I overlooked any possible problems with this item...