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Do you have braces...?

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19 minutes ago, lynxie said:

Title is fairly self explanatory, do you have braces? And what do you think about them, thank god I don't- but if you do what are they like?

you get used to them, but it gets annoying when you have to keep going to the ortho to get them tightened.

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had them for 2 1/2 years and it took longer because of covid. they're not bad, just annoying. tightening them sucks for a couple days, but nothing unbearable. the most annoying part of them is having food constantly stuck in between the braces. 

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not sponsored but yk if they want to...:manny2:

If you get the option to - definitely choose invisalign. I had several misaligned teeth, as well as an impacted canine that needed to be pulled down. They did end up having to remove a couple of teeth to make room for movement because my mouth is so small however. The whole process, including the extractions, ended up amounting around ~6-8k. It would be pretty comparable to braces in terms of price. I went to the dentist about every 30 days and I would pick up three trays at a time and they would just check to make sure everything is moving correctly. They're less invasive than braces, and you're able to remove them to eat, drink, whatever you need to do. They need to be worn approx. 18-20hrs a day, however once you get used to them you honestly forget they're there.

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