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  1. whats next hypno? tango?

  2. whats next dommy? tango?

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  4. coming out of retirement to show these weeaboo jb regs their place
  5. Tryhard rant. Ah, yes. The almighty phrase heard echoing throughout the mountains of Gold Nova, "I'm an AWPer". Literally everybody and their mother in their first few hundred hours thinks they're an AWPer and has it equipped; no matter how good or bad you're playing, you'll have some games where you never get it and some games where you always get it. I'm not sure what system the server uses to distribute the AWPs and it seems very inconsistent to me. If you've ever seen the most popular 24/7 RETAKES server, they have a system where the person who did the most damage/got the most kills gets the AWP the next round. This is sometimes bypassed as we all know the pain of having your CT team be switched and you're left behind because you didn't get a kill; even if you dinked all 4 T's and then died if all of your teammates got one kill each you wouldn't be switched. The plugin kicks in here and gives the left behind person an AWP if a team switch happened the previous round, as a bit of a consolation for being left behind. Anecdotal of course, but I just played a retakes where I dropped 28 kills and got the AWP 4 times. This poor guy who had just joined ended 9-28 and was always AWPing. It just doesn't seem fair to give it to the exact same brand new player without a rank that just baits the shit out of his teammates and doesn't open up sites or pushes for man advantages. I feel the best players in the lobby should get rewarded with getting to play the AWP, and let it be bypassed for the unlucky guy who isn't swapped on CT wins. Again, kinda hard to see from a casual perspective but for a sweaty tryhard like me this is a pain in the backside.
  6. No where in my response did I mention admins not doing their jobs; I completely understand that admins cannot act unless they see the situation. I don't want to be lumped in with the people saying "admins are shit and aren't doing anything" because that's not true. I still don't think a perm after a 2nd mass freekill is too harsh. I also still stand by that players below 500 karma should be banned.
  7. There isn't a direct fix for this; the best we can hope for is admins taking action on nazi orders.
  8. A formal apology letter from the Ape Legion. We do not condone such heinous behavior. Jokes aside, we got too many little kids adopting Nazi Safety Soldier playstyles for CT. Normally I don't directly point out names, but this new kid, y'all might've heard him, his name is Pablo. He gives orders like "take NO step out, crouch and freeze" and generally confusing bullshit. Admins need to step up and put these kids in their place.
  9. Been advocating for harsher punishments for a while now. Said multiple times that mass freekills should be taken beyond "welp, it happens". 2nd mass freekill should be a perm imo. Not to mention there are dozens of players on TTT with below 1000 karma. If you get something like below 500 karma, you should be banned. No player who's keeping the rules in mind has below 500 karma. And for new players, it doesn't take 10 RDMs to learn the rules. I think SG took a wrong turn in accepting so many inexperienced players for admin, and should've been more selective.
  10. pls vote for my boyfriend baconater
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    Post your desktops!

  12. maybe one day I'll understand why people commit so much time to a community for years and then just take a steaming hot load all over it in just a few days or even hours.

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    Crossfire will permanently be in a broken state. Unfortunately, we don't have robot CT's who can pinpoint the rebeller's exact head location and pick them out in a stack. While I do think this rule is abused by many, I don't think adding harsher punishment will stop the ones who do abuse it. More likely it will punish honest CT's who make honest mistakes and then have to slay, when the T is usually the one at fault for the crossfire, as they stack onto the rebeller in hopes of deterring CT's to shoot and giving the rebeller more time to live. If there any lobotomyte CT's reading this who don't know how to enforce, if you give a stack order for whatever reason and start getting shot at, swallow your fucking pride and find cover instead of trying to use your gold nova 2 aim to kill the rebeller. Fall back, say "all T's crouch, freeze, and unstack", wait 5 seconds ish and badabing badaboom you pop the heads of the dumbasses who don't listen to your orders and order is reinstated within the prison. Crossfire rules should remain the same.
  14. can't wait for 1st place in 2021
  15. dafty

    Retakes points rework

    I used to play on retake servers that are still around today called Spectre. When my brother and I grinded to #1 on the server, we found it infuriating to lose like 120 points per death to brand new players who would leave after one game. Their solution to this was making a server only for the top 100 players, but considering our server is smaller, I don't think that's possible. Making things less punishable for top players and not as exponential is just giving the can down the road, because then that will make it easier for top players to get even more points, which will eventually make it so that you're losing dozens of points per death to new players. I think points in a casual environment like for SG shouldn't punish regulars and cater to new players. We need permanent set amounts for points, but I think CT kills should award more points than T kills.