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  1. I'm not a huge fan of banning words all together, but with slurs I think they're a valid exception. That being said, cherry picking specific slurs is where I take issue. Either all of them should be okay (in context, not to harass another player), or none of them should be okay. If hard R n word is banned, then why not chink, gook, dyke, beaner, towelhead, cracker, gypsy, zipperhead, etc? This brings me back to this video, where I think iDubbbz perfectly breaks down how ridiculous it is to hold some slurs at higher levels of power than others, despite them all sharing similar histories of being used to put a group of people down. Maybe it's hypocritical for someone like me to hold a stance like this, but I'm really not sure if banning specific words is the ideal approach. It's already been brought up by multiple people in this thread, but "retard" has really started to skate on thin ice recently and some put it on the same pedestal as the words mentioned above, and I don't know if that's fair.
  2. Mfs rly asking for advice on how not to be an asshole Ask ur father like the rest of society
  3. Try not to fuck it up this time Nolan! I'm gonna make some incriminating shitpost drafts in preparation of this crashing and burning!
  4. + what I said in this thread still applies
  5. Did thuxys take a holiday
  6. Giant loser degenerate

    1. Hypno


      such a fan


  7. Huge for Acer, minecraft events have been really well done, but thuxys makes funnier posts so I'm kinda on the fence for who deserved it more.
  8. If you're on T, consistently try to rebel to keep the game moving and avoid delaying/dragging out rounds to LRing, especially considering the two most popular maps don't have death games. If you're on CT, give fun/engaging orders, enforce properly, and don't rush or camp secrets. Give first day freedays; give last day freedays. Everyone fucks up and freekills once in a while, literally just own it and slay. I like to also give freedays next round to people I freekill by accident, but that's optional. Generally don't be a douchebag without a reason and you're already better than 90% of the player base. Try and get informed before giving your rule suggestions/hot takes on the forums. Every new JB reg (including me) is guilty of after a week of playing, posting their shitty ideas people have talked about for over a decade. I'd also recommend getting to know more people in the community. Best way to do this is to join some of the private discords surrounding SG by getting to know some of the regulars either through the official discord, the servers, or the forums. Also, avoid heavily poking fun at people and don't be calling people out directly until you know them well enough. This cannot be stressed enough, especially with higherups. And don't apply for admin based on your confidence, have self awareness on how you're viewed by the rest of the community at the time. Self awareness goes a long way.
  9. Woodys hitbox is the new Minecraft head
  10. Shungite so powerful it blocked the radio waves of the wifis of the intelligent people who wouldve voted for it
  11. sɔᴉsʎɥd ǝlƃƃᴉɾ ɥʇᴉʍ ʞɔnɹʇ dɯnp ɐ lǝpoɯ ǝᴉqɯoz ʇlnɐɟǝp ǝɥʇ ǝʌᴉפ
  12. https://youtu.be/Zeku58pC5B8 turn up the volume if u can
  13. It's just a mix of a lack of game changing patches, events, and regs moving to other TTT servers. Looks like Cretens on it and the reg problem will fix itself, so it shouldn't be long until the server is back on its feet.