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  1. hey @20 scrolls, sounds like they're looking for roof campers
  2. This actually sounds sick; I'm not a Rust player, so would it be outlandish to propose a server that's only raid defence/attack practice? Like retakes in CSGO but for Rust? Idk if the community cares about that or if that's even possible.
  3. if you had told me in the summer of 2019 a minigames reg, mute redditor and nazi CT, jb reg, snitch would've been given staff of the month i would've laughed in your fucking face. what a 180 these two have done. genuinely happy for them, they've both come from such a long way and have changed the community for the better. in order to jinx ZZL, I will unironically predict that he will become a board member in the near future. @AfterPot there's hope for you after all.
  4. Big fan of removing the JA rank. Felt like an unnecessary stepping stone in the staff ladder. I'm assuming this means all current JA's will be promoted to SA's?
  5. i don't think with the current state of things this is the best event to hold...
  6. I said it's completely fine for higherups to not be as active, obviously real life happens and is far more important. It was a pretty general statement and it's no secret that some higherups don't play on the servers as much as most of the regulars, and there's nothing wrong with that but it's a fact. Me and Afterpot were messing around and it was consensual on both sides and we were having fun, but if you want to take a blanket statement personally too go ahead.
  7. Initially, I completely disagreed, but I think this makes sense considering regulars never had a say in who get's accepted anyway. On the other hand, higher-ups aren't nearly as active as regulars (which is fine), but don't get the chance to interact with as many people as other regulars do. I'd recommend using some sort of separation between responses of regulars and responses and opinions of the people that make the decisions, rather than just barricading regulars off entirely. All in all, fair change.
  8. dafty

    JB CT Healthboost

    To clarify, I didn't advocate for its' removal, I just said it should only be purchasable at the start of the round to prevent it from overlapping the purpose of the healthshot.
  9. I know, I know. Me advocating for a nerf to CT, what's new? I think the health-boost is in a bit of a silly state currently, and I believe it's overpowered; let me explain. Personally, I do not like how the health boost is right now. Most CT's have it bound to a key, meaning MID FIGHT I can be spraying at a CT with an AK, deal 98 damage, then the MF presses the button on his mouse and he's full HP again. This is ridiculous and honestly makes it's retarded cousin, the health-shot, completely useless, as it takes time to pull out after buying, and doesn't give you more than max HP, which by the way, allows you to survive an AWP shot to the chest. My proposition is to make the health-boost only buyable in the first 30 to 60 seconds into the round, so CT's can still use it as an insane buff allowing to take much more damage, but forfeiting the ability to health-boost late into the round if they get caught in a shitty position. This would also make the health-shot viable, and allow it to fill the role it should've in the first place, as a way for a guard to heal when they're far from medic and are dealing with multiple T's. I don't think this change will make a massive impact on the balance, mainly because you can buy multiple health-shots instead of just one CT health-boost, making it more bang for your buck, but it will get rid of those bullshit scenarios of people using it mid fight and essentially cheating T's out of a kill.
  10. And I'm only #16 in JB. Jesus fucking christ y'all need to leave ur rooms.
  11. nope, if an LR like a gun toss occurs and finishes and then the CT dies from a rebelling T after the T has lost or won, the T is KOS.
  12. you're right, the wording is technically slightly off. but yeah, regardless of how the CT dies, as long as the T wins and the LR is complete, the T is KOS,
  13. Jmc

    Thank you for ratioing Lynxie!

  14. dafty

    Auto-Muted CT's

    A few months ago, Valve implemented a system for CSGO that made it so people who receive unusually high amounts of reports for micspam/chat spam get automatically muted when they join the server, and only people who manually unmute them can hear what they say. Recently I've noticed a lot of people who join are auto muted, then join CT, then just start killing people. Of course, most don't bother to unmute, so the CT can technically say they were giving orders. I propose auto-muted players aren't even allowed to join CT; forget not letting them give orders, because as last CT this will cause issues. No one should be obligated to unmute someone who's most likely toxic. Just today, an auto-muted CT named "George Floyd" joined for hours spouting dumb shit, if someone doesn't want to hear that and Valve has made their verdict, they shouldn't have to unmute and this person shouldn't even be allowed on CT side.