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  1. Rest in peace, Roux. <3
  2. This looks great! Thanks to all involved, you've all done an excellent job.
  3. Man I haven't played futbul in years. We need a CSS MG crew get together sometime.

  4. No problem, Labarr. Anytime. I might try to hop on this weekend, sounds fun.
  5. I love you bb.

  6. pls Vinyl Scratch.

  7. If you get rid of Bread, I'll think about it.
  8. Grats Liam... About time =)
  9. Event's over. Huge thank you to everyone who could join, was a pleasure playing CSS MG again and hopefully we can do it again sometime down the road. As far as February's MGT event, it will not be a community vote, instead the event will be a surprise (A good one if I might add).
  10. Vick

    To-Do List

    Below are ideas/suggestions we are currently aware off and are working on implementing. Player Models - We have a list of possible models/player skins, currently testing them. Subscriber Perks - Have a few ideas to improve our sub perks, will take a few to test/implement them. Zombie Knockback - We understand this has been an annoyance for a while, but we are aware of the issue. Recognition for Dedicated Players - Has been brought up a couple of times, similar to sub perks, will take a few. Map Vote Countdown/Zombie Infection Countdown - We've added a countdown to the first zombie infection, and will be looking into adding audio for both zombie infection and map vote countdown. Map Rotation - Expect a revision on the current map rotation. Lag/Choke Issues - Plugins would load up slowly every time a map starts, server will lag and people will get a lot of choke. Usually occurs when multiple humans are shooting a lot of zombies at once and when multiple zombies are ignited via hegrenades. zclasses not saving properly - Sometimes certain classes (like human admin model and xenomorph model) will save via reconnect and/or map change. Most of the time classes do not save and revert back to default choices.
  11. Added, along with some courses Hilner suggested.
  12. Not a big fan of this. To me, 9 has always been map extend and I would like to keep the map nomination system fairly consistent throughout all of SG's servers. I also don't see replacing the #4 vote with extend map, solving the issue of players spamming 4 and hopefully the 1-no vote helps out a bit.