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  1. toe lookin ass bitch

  2. Thanks for being on surf 24/7!

  3. Yo Surfs wild right Now!

  4. WTF 2020... I'm gonna miss you man. We grew up together. I'll never forget you </3 :'(

  5. Paris? Again? Are you sure? We've been to Paris so many times on my Gulfstream G650. I was thinking more like Milan, we haven't been there in a while. I have also heard that Prague is beautiful this time of year! Anyways, cheers on your fortunate 500 company. I gotta get back to running my multi-billion dollar empire. Have a good one.

  6. Thanks John!, Yeah I'm very patient and don't complain much, so I knew I would make it. However I've been busy with running my Fortune 50 empire, so we'll have to take a rain check on Wet! Until further notice, maybe you could take my jet with me to Paris next week and we could hang then, I got some business going on over there.

  7. Congrats on SA, Junior! I knew you could wait the 3 months for it. I'm so proud of you man. When are we gonna hit "Wet!" ?

  8. Gratz on SA!

  9. Sloth.


    From all the times I've been through overtime I never have seen a problem with it. Occasionally I do see some players who argue against it, however the majority play it through without complaint. I like the idea of adding the OT voting option into the match cause sometimes people do have places to be and cant play an extra hour long OT.
  10. CityBoyz up yet again Congrats y'all