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  2. Creten

    We miss you, please come back.

  3. Dreamz

    Happy birthday!

  4. Kieran

    Happy birthday

  5. Ned

    I missed you pal.

  6. khan

    Come back Sal! I miss you and gabe

  7. Ned

    T A L K T O M E

  8. Will.

    I'll miss you man, please come back soon :(

  9. Ned

    No ur not leaving im not letting you :(

  10. Ned

    Sal come back i miss you

  11. Andrew

    big rdm ar

  12. sal

    SGSL 2018 Megathread

    wtf tides, casual, and karma in the same team rip
  13. thanks for this, this was much needed to fix some issues and bugs.
  14. Little late, but best of luck to everyone!