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  1. A lot of people have been getting their accounts hacked recently so I just wanted to bring some awareness to this. If anyone messages you a suspicious link, for the love of God don't click it. These messages in particular I've been seeing a shit ton recently. Fastleague.fun isn't a real website. A good way to avoid getting hacked is to use 2fa on your steam account. If a website doesn't have the option to create an account, and only lets you log in with steam, this is a big red flag. People have gotten hacked like this before, and a second wave's happening right now. Pls just be smart when it comes to suspicious links, no matter if its from a friend, or a random steam account.
  2. @gweenI agree lmao, I remember when Revelations came out and everyone CLOWNED Treyarch for the ending. Then the ending of the Aether story-line was probably the my least favorite easter egg cutscene ever. I have no real expectations for the zombies story-line in BO:CW, but if they bring back chaos I'm gonna cry. I just hope that they do some sort of prequel.
  3. I've been a big fan of Cod from since the release of Black ops 1 all the way until the release of WW2. After that, i kinda lost interest in the series. I've been eyeing up the new Cod game this year and it looks pretty promising. I like multiplayer, but I'm mainly a zombies guy. Watching the little 3 second zombies reveal got me pretty hyped with the return of the M1911, Jug, and monkey bombs. What do you guys think? Is the game worth copping?
  4. I might be in class but ill try to make it
  5. May God bless you @roux, i hope the best for you.
  6. idk why no one's voting for me man even when i have school ive been the most active jb admin
  7. The Razer Deathadder Essential is on sale right now for about $30 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07F7T8J9P/ref=dp_cerb_1 I personally use the Reddragon m602 RGB Wired, and i havent had any issues with it. Unless you need a DPI higher than 7200, i dont see a reason not to get it as its only $21. https://www.amazon.com/Redragon-M602-Ergonomic-High-Precision-Programmable/dp/B011HMDZ0Q/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=red+dragon+mouse&qid=1597449273&s=electronics&sr=1-3 If you just need something to get the job done, the Reddragon's the way to go, but if you want something a little more customizable and durable, the Deathadder is a great option.
  8. how tf would that even work, thats not me saying that i want this to happen btw terrible idea
  9. silver 1