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  1. I'm ok with chat orders, but having them bound to something is honestly annoying. There is no real way nor reason to stop this though, so i guess we just gotta deal with it
  2. Bind "k" "say !slap Starlegendgod"
  3. do i have to buy source to shut your ass up
  4. ill see if I could stop graphics card hunting for a few hours
  5. the ONE time i actually think an among us event would be a good idea.
  6. I've never liked this tactic of giving warning shots. This was a thing even back in 2017 before the CT buy menu even existed, with AWP warning shots being the common thing for CT's to do 90+ damage with. Since the AWP isn't used as much now, like kuri said, we should remove the ability to give headshot warning shots.
  7. i didnt really care to much until i saw those bomb ass mouse pads
  8. @TurtleManBabyyou down to play?
  9. I might be in class but ill try to make it
  10. May God bless you @roux, i hope the best for you.