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  1. Event is in 2 days make sure to be there!!
  2. Thanks @Che for this awesome banner! OG Fortnite Solo Tournament In this limited time Fortnite Tournament we'll be playing on a recreation of the OG Season 1 Fortnite Map with OG game mechanics including slow build speed, no sliding/swimming, and original items! In preparation for this event, please post your Epic Games Account IDs below to be added by our Host. Once you've been added, we'll add you to the list below to confirm. As of now we'll be reserving the first 16 spots for priority in case we encounter game limitations that may not allow us to play with more than 16 players. When? Saturday, February 26th @ 6:30 PM EST Where? Prizes 1st Place: An Item Shop Skin of your choice ($20 Value) 2nd Place: Next Season's BattlePass! 3rd Place: A Dessert Eagle Mecha Industries (Minimal Wear) Join the SG Discord to get a headstart on the fun event!
  3. Event is in about 1 hour make sure to Join!
  4. Event is today at 3 est make sure to be there !!
  5. Event is post poned to Sunday the 13th at 3pm EST !
  6. Event is tomorrow make sure to be there !
  7. Bump! Event is in 2 days!!
  8. until
    MG Prop Hunt Event
  9. Thanks to @ValkFor the banner! MG Prop Hunt It is back again with another Prop Hunt Event!!! If you don't know what Prop Hunt is its a game mode where the T's disguise themselves as props and hide while the CTs search for them. The props will have a certain amount of time to hide from the CTs before the round ends. If a CT shoots a prop that isn't a player, they will take damage so it is harder for the CT's also one of the maps are terminal who doesn't like terminal..... When? Sunday , February 13th @ 3:00 PM EST Where? Maps? Terminal CS_Office CS_Assualt Join the SG discord if you haven't already
  10. Thanks for everyone coming out!
  11. Event is starting hop in!!!