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  1. Bump event is tomorrow!
  2. Mini Game Deathrun Event
  3. MiniGames Deathrun Deathrun is a gamemode that involves two teams, the "Deaths" and the "Runners". The runners try to complete the map while dodging traps the death team sets off. Maps deathrun_iceworld_sg_v1 deathrun_nuke_v4 deathrun_sonic_shpdr When? Friday, January 21 @ 5:30 Where? Join the SG discord!
  4. If the alien is like the pink panther I swear
  5. This is pre cool I gotta say let the grind begin
  6. As many people said that very well and like said up above 90 percent of jb players cannot control their aim normally if they see someone not listening to a order the poor person will be lucky not to be killed by 3 diffirent cts shooting him at once lol or tapped in the head by accident this would not be a good idea cause it would just be a hassle for us to keep track of someone getting shot 2 hp more than they should like said above also ps (sorry for the bad spelling currently on my phone)
  7. I won’t be able to make it but I’m looking forward to playing these maps soon
  8. I enjoy jb it’s not to bad it may get pretty toxic at times with some younger players but a few timeouts and normally it can be back to normal everyone normally follows the rules and just plays for fun I’m the same with Janseen on that aim statement as long as your silver 2 or above it’s a ez ct ace
  9. I agree with slim on this I do feel like if a gun is in stack with a bunch of ts and the t gets killed that has the gun I feel that the t that picks up the gun from the t that has been killed should not be killed instantly especially if they drop it right away and then the ct kills them but like slim said the cts would be in more risk of being killed easily but I just think it would be more fair if in a stack you give maybe 3 seconds to let the t drop the gun that was picked up from a rebel or a t with a primary. just a side note I’m on my phone right now so if smt don’t make sense that’s why sorry I’m advance
  10. You don’t gotta worry about that if I’m there