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Alexander (Technoblade) has died, succumbing to the cancer which we all had thought was gone. This video is his father talking about his son, and announcing his death. Its such a shame that he died as early as he did, but atleast he documented all of the stuff he did, for fans to watch.



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15 minutes ago, lynxie said:

Honestly, kinda unfortunate. 

kinda unfortunate? it is very unfortunate 


techno was the best minecraft youtuber to ever exist, and it isnt even close


if you are going to make a thread about someone passing at least put some effort into it

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15 minutes ago, lynxie said:

it seems like he still didn't make it

No shit










I spent a lot of time watching his videos in 2020. One of the many youtubers that got me through a hard time in my life. He will be missed.


Blood for the Blood God.

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He was a role model and inspiration to millions. I watched his Bedwars series religiously when I played Minecraft and the news of his death really struck me. It was pretty hard for me to watch the last video his dad/family had put up but knowing that he made so many people happy with the time he had on this earth is remarkable. I knew a thread would be made over his death but to see it written this poorly like you don't care at all is truly disgusting. 

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