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[QoTD] Question of the Day 9/4/22

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Hello guys! We are bringing back an old but popular and fun daily event! QoTD!


If you don't already know what QoTD (Question of the Day) is, its simple and everyone can participate! Everyday there will be a new QoTD thread created for all of you to answer, starting today 😄. Best part is the event's team/staff are not the only ones who can make QoTD thread anyone can!


All you got to do is make a thread preferably with QoTD or Question of the Day and the date in the title then post your question here!


We are working on getting our own QoTD forums post tag, so in the future whoever makes the QoTD post will get the QoTD tag put onto their post :)


Anyway enough talk lets get to today's QoTD!


If you could go anywhere for any period of time with no restrictions or circumstances, where would you go and for how long?


I'd go to Italy for a few months :)


Can't wait to hear all your answers, see you all tomorrow 😉

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