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What Carrer/Job Are You Looking Forward to?

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hell yeah dude architecture is awesome. i love architecture but a career in it is a mixed bag. a lot of architects are overworked and underpaid but it is a career i wanted to do before landing on IT/cybersec. one of my biggest regrets is not going to school for architecture. i could also go back but it's way too much to do all over again.

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Back when I was 16 I wanted to do political science to do politic crap, glad that didn't work out lol, too broke/dumb for law school. Ended up working on a network security & admin degree, then switched to Comp Sci wanting to program, then didn't want to do that, then went back to Netsec. Right now just doin some IT stuff, digging deeper into networking. I won't say it's my "goal" but I've always heard the joke about this guy who got his Cisco CCIE (very difficult certificate that takes around a year of pure study, in addition to all of the stuff you need to do before (ccna, ccnp)), and he was a "design" guy more at that point in his career. All he did was sit on a boat with his laptop and fish. He'd get e-mails once and a while to view over implementation topologies and gave his input. Sounds like a good job.

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My Dad is an architect, it is a great career and he really enjoys it


I’m currently going to college for a Media Production degree and hope to work at Disney or ESPN one day


Don't be deadset on one career option, be open to new experiences, that's how I fell in love with what I want to do. Originally I wanted to create music for a living, turned out I didn't like the process, than took a theatre production class in high school and loved working on live shows and performances

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