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Promotions + The Return of TeamSpeak!

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Hello everyone,


We have a couple exciting announcements for you today! We'll be bringing up a couple more guys up to our AO team, in addition to releasing a little surprise for you all.


Firstly, we'd like to welcome Pyro Looga and Kopsta to our Administrative Officer team! Pyro Looga has been CA for some time already, but we're most interested in his passion for Team Fortress 2, and he will hopefully help us to once again venture into it. Kopsta on the other hand has already had an orange name in the past and has returned to help us with our Surf server. We have some big plans for Surf and hope to make it something big, and Kopsta will be behind us on that.


Congratulations to you both!


Next, we'd like to announce to you all the return of TeamSpeak! This has been given out to the admins for a bit already so it's no surprise to most of you, however we wanted to make it official. We have no interest in 'establishing' ourselves in TeamSpeak or anything of the sort, it's just a small 32 slot server to call back to old times and hopefully, maybe, promote more voice interaction among the community. I know us Directors will probably spend a lot of time in there as we already prefer doing our meetings there, so you'll probably catch us around.


You can use any of the following IPs to connect to the server:


- ts.steam-gamers.net

- teamspeak.steam-gamers.net


We hope you guys enjoy it, and if there's a demand for it we may end up increasing the slots. Huge thank you to @Nishok for setting this up and @Acer for helping with the permissions!


That's all for today. As we keep telling you all, we greatly appreciate all of you for continuing to help and support Steam-Gamers as we try to rebuild it. We have a lot of exciting announcements to come and change has been rapid recently, you're sure to see results very soon. This community means a lot to many of us and we're putting our all into bringing it back to its former glory.


Thanks everyone!

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