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Can't Stop, Won't Stop the Promotions!

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Hey everyone,


Tonight's going to be an exciting night here at Steam Gamers because we've got a ton of promotions!


First, we have three new members joining the Media Team! Our newest additions will be BoM, John, and Macmine411! Their responsibilities will include:


  • Manage forum and community website themes and layouts
  • Manage all forum and community images (awards, rankbars, etc)
  • Manage forum design sections (signature/avatar requests, etc)
  • Manage branding and community logos/external advertising
  • Work with the Administrative Team to keep in-game branding and design (map textures for SG) up to date and relevant
  • Manage social media accounts (Youtube, Twitch, etc)


Second, we're have the addition of two members for the Events Team! First up, he's been a part of the team before and brought you some awesome events in the past, so please join me in welcoming back Zayne to the team! We're also promoting a fresh face to the team; Bright!


Their new responsibilities will include:


  • Organize, plan, and run events
  • Manage/Promote special events on our servers
  • Manage and monitor gaming tournaments
  • Make sure servers are ready for all special events
  • Schedule events to fill servers in need via the steam community
  • Work with the Administrative Team to create events that cater to community interests


Next, we're promoting some new Community Advisors! Noxstar and Mikey. are our newest additions to the team! Their new responsibilities will include:


  • Work with the higher staff on implementing important decisions and projects
  • Handling player complaints and issuing bans
  • Moderation of the forum
  • Give awards to members on request
  • Send group invitations to members on request
  • Post in-game server problems on the forum
  • Help in any way to make the servers fun
  • Handle reported posts on the forum


Moving on up in the ranks, we have crazedkangaroo and Infinityward joining the Administrative Team! These two guys have been doing a ton of work as a CAs and have expressed an interest in helping to manage our servers. Their new responsibilities will include:


  • Verify that servers are operational
  • Reboot dead/lagged servers
  • Assist in training new admins
  • Monitor the Teamspeak 3 server
  • Grant access rights to Teamspeak 3
  • Search for new maps for all servers
  • Upload maps to the servers and fast downloads site
  • Edit map lists & rotations


Lastly, we have BoM taking over as manager of the Marketing Team! His responsibilities will remain the same, with the addition of managing the other members of the Marketing Team.



Congratulations everyone!

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